Wednesday, December 7, 2011

por favor..uhhh disregardo uno alarmo

The title of this posting is what I just heard come out of the fire alarm warning speaker thing in my wall...butttt i'm pretty sure that isn't proper spanish-si?
Anywho, GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! Before I start to watch my new fav show on TV (Once Upon a Time), I wanted to get on here. Ok...How AWESOME was it last night, to get a free firework show. Well, I'm pretty sure most firework shows are free...but I digress. I def. semi thought WW3 had begun, and semi-freaked out because I haven't even BEGUN to build my bomb shelter. But u know who has bamboozled us and already created the SICKEST bomb shelters alive? The ppl that are on extreme is NOT a game to them. Ha, as funny as it seems to think makes u thinkk......

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