Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hi Thurrrr!

Hey guys! I am seriously the worstttt. I've been doing...who knows. a little bit of this/that. I'm currently in Orlando spending the holidazeee w/ the familia. I have lots of cute/funny photos to share w/ you guys hahah. & i know this is going off topic but I just heard this in the background (my mom is watching the news)--"Semoa (sp) is cancelling Friday, just this once because they are changing timezones."
what? this is the kind of stuff that makes me
question EVERYTHING that goes on in life. so what ur saying is that a country can just say-"u kno what-lets just skip friday". and if you're going to skip a day..WHY FRIDAY. THAT IS THE BEST DAY OF THE WEEK...suckers.

anyway..ive been building my record collection. Today I found Thriller, Best of Diana Ross, KID & PLAY, an
d..omg PURPLE RAIN. I felt like a lioness in a deli full of fresh cold cuts. I also bought "The Laptop DJ Handbook" and it has been providing me w/ some awesome history facts about DJing. Things that I'm like "omg..DUHHH..thats why its called a dub" hahah. & My AWESOME brother bought me a mixer for xmas!! its like everything is falling into place which feels AWESOME!

Oh yeah, before I forget..I FINALLY GOT MY POLAR BEAR TATTOO!!
I couldn't be happier...but you know how they say once u start you won't be able to stop? i know what i want my next tattoo to be already! haha. don't worry dad...its not happening..or is it?! haha jk..or am i?! ok sorry.

i've been in orlando since last w
ed/thur-i'm not quite sure because I never really know what day it off by 1-2 days all the time. The way I came up? GREYHOUND..a mode of transportation I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. I thought it was going to be a walk in the park trip...yeah, you could call it a walk in the park, if said park was filled w/ zombies/crackheads/haitian cooking. OMG...WHO BRINGS FISH ONTO A BUS?! seriously. but that isn't the worst of it all. I wanted to burn my body after getting off that bus. it was theeeeeee dirtiest thing ever. I'm pretty sure I got skin/head lice-but don't worry, these third degree burns i now have mean im clean...ha. I have never LEGIT LEGIT felt like I was a filet mignon being dangled in front of a starved wolf. I was eye-RAPED by every man, woman, and baby on that bus. I walked in on a handicap kid taking a piss....It was just all...very...grannnnnnd. But I had to get home STAT..and $39 is $39 is $39. I guess you really DO get what you pay for hahah. BUT one should EVER ride the greyhound. I'm not saying that I'm better than anyone or I'm a queen or whatever because i am not- i am a princess! lol. but i would rather have hitchhiked to Orlando then taken that fish-filet ride.

I think instead of trying to put random pictures throughout this post, I will make a separate "photos" posting its like a picture book! But before I favvvvvv sent me another flier for his awes
ome, VERY SOON UPCOMING FLAWWWDA TOUR--so heeeeereeeyaa go suckers! it's maddd decent riiiite?! ;)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

J'espere lire ces livres

Happy Sunday Funday Everyone!

Very RARELY do I think about books or want to read them for fun. Don't take that to mean I am uneducated because it is in fact my education that makes me not want to read for pleasure.
Back in elementary school, you were allowed to read whatever book you wanted- Clifford the big red dog, the magic school bus, omg and who can forget GOOSEBUMPS!! After that time, books were something teachers forced upon students. Even now that I am in grad school, I'm so busy reading about non profit/tax/private accounting rules and regulations, that I don't have time nor eye strength to read more than my REQUIRED reading! BUTTTTT..

Now that its winter break & I have more than a month off, there are 2 books that I REALLY want to read/I suggest you guys read as well...

1. On the Road- By Jack Kerouac

The narrative follows the 2 main characters of the book, "Sal"vatore Paradise (narrator) & Dean Moriarty over the yrs 1947-50 in the USofA. "On the Road" is in large part, an autobiographical piece, based on Kerouac and friend's spontaneous road trips across the country. This novel takes place during the postwar era...which means lotsaa music & drug references!
My friend Bryce told me about this book; he said I remind him of the "care-free attitude and sense for adventure" found in Dean. Now I've got to read the book to see if that was a compliment or not hahahha. We also plan on re-creating Sal's travels cross country & writing a modern day version of "On the Road"....hmmmmm

2. The Last Tycoon- By F. Scott Fitzgerald
I randomly saw this book in a Lucky Magazine, of all places. Since Lucky is a fashion magazine, I figured this book MUST be worth looking up. I mean, putting an image of a book took space away from fashiiionnista type things-so it HAS to be that good..& from what I read it is!!
When Fitzgerald died, this novel was unfinished and in rough form. So a close friend of Fitzzyy collected/edited the book notes he found and published "The Last Tycoon" in 1941.
Its about a Hollywood producer who finds himself not only struggling to find love and success in a world of cut-throats, but who is in the ultimate struggle for his own life. Today's literary critics are in agreement that Fitzy intended the title to be "The Love of the Last Tycoon".....potato, po-ta-toe

SOOO....if any of you have read either of these books, please leave comments abt what you thought of them! Also..if you have any other books you'd recommend please share!

Tannnksss a lott =)

DROP 10?

Hi all! I know you guys have missed me during my 3 day hiatus (haha). But here I ammm!

The title of this entry "Drop 10" may have some of you confused..ur thinking to yourself, "what IS a drop 10?!?". I'll tell you...but first let me give some background info on how this phrase came to be...

One day I was wondering what the heck "CATCH 22" means/is/why questions went on and I went straight to the source, Wikipedia of course and searched it. What I found out was that the author of the book, Catch 22, is the one who coined the term. AND the number choice was just luck of the draw for him. He tried different number combinations (Catch 17, catch 14, for example) until he finally liked the sound of Catch 22-so he stuck w that as the back to my story...

SO..After learning the history of catch 22, I decided it was time for a new phrase...DROP 10. WHY? Whats opposite of a catch? a drop. & dropping things has a negative connotation (in football, in the kitchen-dropping dishes, in the bathroom-dropping a deuce. etc). Why the #10? well..unlike Joseph Heller (author of Catch 22) I think you can chose whatever number you want, depending on the situation.So let me put my phrase into a sentence for better understanding..

For example:
Andie: Oh no John! Your cat just got hit my the mailman's truck!
John: WTFFFFF....DROP 35 MAN..DROP...35
-drop 35 bc it was a BAD situation

Mandolay: Jennifer your paper mache lamp gave me a paper cut!
Jennifer: My B...drop 10 mandolay.

& now you know <3

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


THAT'S RIGHT!! A WHOLE MONTH OF DIPLO IN FLORIDA!!! And to think I wanted to leave Florida haha. Now I can see the love of my life all over Florida!

BTW..i just want to comment on the awesome blood-splattered keds you see in the flyer. If you're from Florida then you should know the story about the prostitute that killed ppl up and down Florida-Also told in Charlize Theron's 2003 movie called "Monster". Well..fill in the blanks..Diplo's gunna be up and down Flawwda like a prostitute turned killer...but hes HOT and shes..notttt. if i was driving a truck down the turnpike and happened to bump into diplo selling himself... lets just sayyyyy i'd have less money after that...ZINGGGGG! Sorry I'm not sorrrrry abt it! Anyway...

Click on the photo ------> to better see when he will be coming to a Floridian city near you.

<3 <3

por favor..uhhh disregardo uno alarmo

The title of this posting is what I just heard come out of the fire alarm warning speaker thing in my wall...butttt i'm pretty sure that isn't proper spanish-si?
Anywho, GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! Before I start to watch my new fav show on TV (Once Upon a Time), I wanted to get on here. Ok...How AWESOME was it last night, to get a free firework show. Well, I'm pretty sure most firework shows are free...but I digress. I def. semi thought WW3 had begun, and semi-freaked out because I haven't even BEGUN to build my bomb shelter. But u know who has bamboozled us and already created the SICKEST bomb shelters alive? The ppl that are on extreme is NOT a game to them. Ha, as funny as it seems to think makes u thinkk......

Pulling a KoKo

Means: When you're told bad news, but you just frown because ur in front of someone. But when u think ur alone, you let out ur sounds of sadness that everyone within a 2mile radius can hear, like koko did. At the end of this clip, you can see KoKo SOOOOOOOOOOOO pulled a Koko. haha.

Have you read to your favorite animal today?

give her the number 3ree & drive her homeee

ok so i decided...i will write a new entry every morning when i wake up & every night before I go to bed. Why you ask? because I'm pretty sure these are the times of day when my mind is most least that's what I want to think is true. lol anywho-I've been on a HUGE U-Roy kick, & if u know ANYTHING abt legit reggae, then you know the title of this post is one of his songs..AND.."3ree" is a LEGIT song from my most favorite person alive--Diplo..i'll get into THAT later. But let's just say, I am absolutely AMAZED by his brain. Not even Galileo could get such an awesome appraisal from me (sorry Gallliiiooo). Hahah..alright..bye for now!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hello everyone that's reading this! & thanks for either being my friend and looking at this or ur a rando that clicked the "next blog" button and somehow got taken to mine...hahaha. Anyway, I figured I would just say hello and I guess try and pinpoint exactly what the point of this blog is (because I have yet to decide myself lol).
As most anyone that knows me will say, I am a pretty random person..I have a highly active imagination, keep an idea book or 2, I say whaaati mean & i mean whaaati say. I am a VERY open book-be that good or bad. And some might say I am similar to a 5 year old because I'm always asking "Why? Why? Why?" hahah. Some things just DON'T make sense to me because they blow my mind. Like..seriously, have you ever taken the time to stop and THINK about how islands and volcanoes (and other kinds of things like that) are formed---SERIOUSLY..the process of how they are BLOWS my mind! Ok, so perhaps I am too deep of a thinker..but if there aren't people like me, then History Channel, A&E, Discovery, etc. would go out of therefore-SORRY I'M NOT SORRY ABOUT IT.
Anyway, before I lose you in my too-deep of questions, I just want to invite you to subscribe to my blog or whatever people do on here..or follow me on twitter @Phi0na, u know- all the usual social media outlets. I PROMISE it will be probably one of the most random blogs you've EVER read-but each entry will (hopefully) keep a similar theme throughout that entry lol.
I guarantee you will find hilarity and awesomeness in what I say...stay tuneeeed!