Wednesday, December 7, 2011


THAT'S RIGHT!! A WHOLE MONTH OF DIPLO IN FLORIDA!!! And to think I wanted to leave Florida haha. Now I can see the love of my life all over Florida!

BTW..i just want to comment on the awesome blood-splattered keds you see in the flyer. If you're from Florida then you should know the story about the prostitute that killed ppl up and down Florida-Also told in Charlize Theron's 2003 movie called "Monster". Well..fill in the blanks..Diplo's gunna be up and down Flawwda like a prostitute turned killer...but hes HOT and shes..notttt. if i was driving a truck down the turnpike and happened to bump into diplo selling himself... lets just sayyyyy i'd have less money after that...ZINGGGGG! Sorry I'm not sorrrrry abt it! Anyway...

Click on the photo ------> to better see when he will be coming to a Floridian city near you.

<3 <3

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