Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hi Thurrrr!

Hey guys! I am seriously the worstttt. I've been doing...who knows. a little bit of this/that. I'm currently in Orlando spending the holidazeee w/ the familia. I have lots of cute/funny photos to share w/ you guys hahah. & i know this is going off topic but I just heard this in the background (my mom is watching the news)--"Semoa (sp) is cancelling Friday, just this once because they are changing timezones."
what? this is the kind of stuff that makes me
question EVERYTHING that goes on in life. so what ur saying is that a country can just say-"u kno what-lets just skip friday". and if you're going to skip a day..WHY FRIDAY. THAT IS THE BEST DAY OF THE WEEK...suckers.

anyway..ive been building my record collection. Today I found Thriller, Best of Diana Ross, KID & PLAY, an
d..omg PURPLE RAIN. I felt like a lioness in a deli full of fresh cold cuts. I also bought "The Laptop DJ Handbook" and it has been providing me w/ some awesome history facts about DJing. Things that I'm like "omg..DUHHH..thats why its called a dub" hahah. & My AWESOME brother bought me a mixer for xmas!! its like everything is falling into place which feels AWESOME!

Oh yeah, before I forget..I FINALLY GOT MY POLAR BEAR TATTOO!!
I couldn't be happier...but you know how they say once u start you won't be able to stop? i know what i want my next tattoo to be already! haha. don't worry dad...its not happening..or is it?! haha jk..or am i?! ok sorry.

i've been in orlando since last w
ed/thur-i'm not quite sure because I never really know what day it off by 1-2 days all the time. The way I came up? GREYHOUND..a mode of transportation I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. I thought it was going to be a walk in the park trip...yeah, you could call it a walk in the park, if said park was filled w/ zombies/crackheads/haitian cooking. OMG...WHO BRINGS FISH ONTO A BUS?! seriously. but that isn't the worst of it all. I wanted to burn my body after getting off that bus. it was theeeeeee dirtiest thing ever. I'm pretty sure I got skin/head lice-but don't worry, these third degree burns i now have mean im clean...ha. I have never LEGIT LEGIT felt like I was a filet mignon being dangled in front of a starved wolf. I was eye-RAPED by every man, woman, and baby on that bus. I walked in on a handicap kid taking a piss....It was just all...very...grannnnnnd. But I had to get home STAT..and $39 is $39 is $39. I guess you really DO get what you pay for hahah. BUT one should EVER ride the greyhound. I'm not saying that I'm better than anyone or I'm a queen or whatever because i am not- i am a princess! lol. but i would rather have hitchhiked to Orlando then taken that fish-filet ride.

I think instead of trying to put random pictures throughout this post, I will make a separate "photos" posting its like a picture book! But before I favvvvvv sent me another flier for his awes
ome, VERY SOON UPCOMING FLAWWWDA TOUR--so heeeeereeeyaa go suckers! it's maddd decent riiiite?! ;)


  1. You should ride home on a bus called red bus! Google it! Its a nice chartered bus company that goes around Florida. No riff Raff :-D. Can't have you get eye raped then smelling like fish! Eww.

  2. lolol i most definitely will look it up-although i am NOT taking anymore buses in America i think. i don't wanna risk the chance of getting eye-raped again x-tina. when a baby does just isn't right. hahaha