Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hello everyone that's reading this! & thanks for either being my friend and looking at this or ur a rando that clicked the "next blog" button and somehow got taken to mine...hahaha. Anyway, I figured I would just say hello and I guess try and pinpoint exactly what the point of this blog is (because I have yet to decide myself lol).
As most anyone that knows me will say, I am a pretty random person..I have a highly active imagination, keep an idea book or 2, I say whaaati mean & i mean whaaati say. I am a VERY open book-be that good or bad. And some might say I am similar to a 5 year old because I'm always asking "Why? Why? Why?" hahah. Some things just DON'T make sense to me because they blow my mind. Like..seriously, have you ever taken the time to stop and THINK about how islands and volcanoes (and other kinds of things like that) are formed---SERIOUSLY..the process of how they are formed..it BLOWS my mind! Ok, so perhaps I am too deep of a thinker..but if there aren't people like me, then History Channel, A&E, Discovery, etc. would go out of business...so therefore-SORRY I'M NOT SORRY ABOUT IT.
Anyway, before I lose you in my too-deep of questions, I just want to invite you to subscribe to my blog or whatever people do on here..or follow me on twitter @Phi0na, u know- all the usual social media outlets. I PROMISE it will be probably one of the most random blogs you've EVER read-but each entry will (hopefully) keep a similar theme throughout that entry lol.
I guarantee you will find hilarity and awesomeness in what I say...stay tuneeeed!

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