Wednesday, December 7, 2011

give her the number 3ree & drive her homeee

ok so i decided...i will write a new entry every morning when i wake up & every night before I go to bed. Why you ask? because I'm pretty sure these are the times of day when my mind is most least that's what I want to think is true. lol anywho-I've been on a HUGE U-Roy kick, & if u know ANYTHING abt legit reggae, then you know the title of this post is one of his songs..AND.."3ree" is a LEGIT song from my most favorite person alive--Diplo..i'll get into THAT later. But let's just say, I am absolutely AMAZED by his brain. Not even Galileo could get such an awesome appraisal from me (sorry Gallliiiooo). Hahah..alright..bye for now!

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