Sunday, December 11, 2011

DROP 10?

Hi all! I know you guys have missed me during my 3 day hiatus (haha). But here I ammm!

The title of this entry "Drop 10" may have some of you confused..ur thinking to yourself, "what IS a drop 10?!?". I'll tell you...but first let me give some background info on how this phrase came to be...

One day I was wondering what the heck "CATCH 22" means/is/why questions went on and I went straight to the source, Wikipedia of course and searched it. What I found out was that the author of the book, Catch 22, is the one who coined the term. AND the number choice was just luck of the draw for him. He tried different number combinations (Catch 17, catch 14, for example) until he finally liked the sound of Catch 22-so he stuck w that as the back to my story...

SO..After learning the history of catch 22, I decided it was time for a new phrase...DROP 10. WHY? Whats opposite of a catch? a drop. & dropping things has a negative connotation (in football, in the kitchen-dropping dishes, in the bathroom-dropping a deuce. etc). Why the #10? well..unlike Joseph Heller (author of Catch 22) I think you can chose whatever number you want, depending on the situation.So let me put my phrase into a sentence for better understanding..

For example:
Andie: Oh no John! Your cat just got hit my the mailman's truck!
John: WTFFFFF....DROP 35 MAN..DROP...35
-drop 35 bc it was a BAD situation

Mandolay: Jennifer your paper mache lamp gave me a paper cut!
Jennifer: My B...drop 10 mandolay.

& now you know <3

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